Car hits building in Fairfax City

The car hit the office where The Sports Junkies from 106.7 The Fan broadcast from. (Photo: TwitPic/Eric Bickel/@ebjunkies)

Fairfax City Police are investigating a car that hit a building on Main Street early Thursday morning.

Police say the car went off the road and struck the building at 10800 Main Street in Fairfax.

The building is home to the broadcast location for The Sports Junkies, who host a show on 106.7 The Fan. Co-host Eric Bickel has been tweeting about the incident all morning.

He said at about 7:45 a.m. that a car "plowed into their call screener's office."

One of the show's producers had just walked out of the call screening room just across the hall from the on-air studio when a car came crashing through the office window. According to police, the driver claims he swerved to avoid a pedestrian when he came plowing through.

Producer Matt Myers says he goes in and out of the room several times during the show.

“It's startling at first that you could have been sitting near the window,” Myers says. “We're just lucky we weren't hurt and the driver wasn't hurt.”

What the accident did was cause a lot of damage to the WJFK studios and provide a lot for the sports talk show hosts to talk about on air through the day.

"We heard just a deafening explosion type of sound,” said John Auville, a radio personality at 106.7.