Driver in Landover KFC crash killed

The crash happened outside a KFC near Martin Luther King Jr. Highway in Landover.

ABC7 has learned that the driver of the BMW who was killed after her car crashed into a KFC restaurant in Landover on Monday night was allegedly caught speeding on the Beltway less than a month ago.

The crash happened at about 6:30 p.m. Monday when the car smashed through the large glass windows of the fast food restaurant at Sheriff Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, Prince George's County Police say.

According to police, the driver lost control while speeding down Martin Luther King Jr. Highway.

"It had to be doing about 100 miles per hour," one witness told ABC7 News.

"When (the car) hit the curb, (it) just immediately went airborne, and flipped, slid, tires, axles and went straight up into KFC and crashed all the windows out,” another witness said.

The driver of the BMW was a 29-year-old woman, ABC7 has learned. She was ticketed Jan. 22 for allegedly driving 91 mph in a 55 mph zone on the Capital Beltway, and was also driving on a suspended license with expired tags, ABC7 has learned.

Authorities say the BMW plowed into a parked car outside the restaurant.

"Our crime scene is very wide as a result of the flying debris," an officer said.

Two adults were transported with non-life threatening injuries; one was a male passenger in the driver’s car. Also injured was the driver of an SUV, which was backing out of a parking spot at KFC when struck in the rear by the BMW.

"There was somebody trapped underneath the car," Harry King, who witnessed the fatal crash, said.