'My first thought was earthquake'

Janet Reid was sitting in her living room with her elderly mother and daughter just before ten this morning when she felt her house shake.

“My first thought was earthquake,” she says. “So she's really nervous so I'm trying to get her out.”

The fireplace toppled over and smoke seeped through the cracked walls. They ran outside to safety and saw that their worst fear had come true.

Authorities say two suspects stole the SUV with Maryland license plates and robbed three construction workers at gunpoint. They then came barreling down Douglas Street in NE and hit this Chrysler

From there authorities say the suspects drove through a yard, across a street and right into Reid's home. Her daughter Tanya immediately went after the driver.

“I tried to chase him,” she says. “Then my neighbor tried to chase him."

That chase tipped off a D.C. police officer who was around the corner.

As for Reid, she's picking up the pieces of her home of 40 years and trying to figure out what's next.

“ I don't have any hard feelings,” she says. “Well this is life. We have to go on."