Car crashes into Aspen Hill taylor shop

A car crashed into a store Wednesday.

A car rammed into a Maryland shop Wednesday afternoon.

The tailor and his wife were inside their store on Layhill Road in Aspen Hill when the crash happened this afternoon.

The Jaguar narrowly missed Abraham Cho's wife, he said, as it went out of control and through the front of their tailor shop. The driver was pulling into parking spot, witness Sandra Richardson says.

“Maybe she tried to step on the brakes and then step on the gas,” Richardson mused.

Police say the 82-year-old driver wasn't going very fast at the time of the collision. But the crash shocked onlookers nonetheless.

The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and Cho’s wife wasn't physically hurt, but shaken up and also taken to the hospital. Police do not expect to press any charges against the driver.