Captain America movie filming in D.C.

Film crews for the newest Captain America movie are working on the National Mall Tuesday. (Photo: Kendis Gibson)

A city known for its politics, lobbyist and congressional leaders has been over taken by lights, cameras and a super hero.

The latest round of filming for Marvel Comics newest Captain America movie took place just feet from the Capitol. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was filming in D.C. Tuesday afternoon.

"You've got the bag pipes over here, I'm here for police week. Captain America across the street and the presidential motorcade just went by,” says tourist Jon Funkhouser. “Having a great day.”

Actor Chris Evans was seen throwing on a light jacket in between takes, and for a really local touch, an extra walking the National Mall in the background was decked out in Washington Nationals gear.

Scarlett Johansson was spotted inside a car on set.

“Pretty exciting,” says Stephanie Carrillo. “I didn’t think he would react to my little wave, but he went like this. Pretty cool.”

“Being this close to famous actors and actresses, we’re not here to see this kind of stuff. It’s exciting,” says Brian Bolstad.

D.C. police helped by keeping the area clear of pedestrians.

The film, using the code word “freezer burn,” will continue filming until about 10 p.m. Tuesday. Filming was already completed on the Roosevelt bridge this past weekend.

The multi-day shoot symbolizes D.C.’s growing film industry.

In 2012, there were 319 TV and film shoots in the city, up from 250 the year before. But while many shoot exteriors in the District, most productions go to less expensive spots for interiors.

“We put into doing a study that will determine if we should put more incentives that will determine if we get them into the city,” says Mayor Vincent Gray.

The movie hits theaters next April.

Watch raw footage below of Chris Evans in D.C.