Capitol shooting: Witness describes chaos at start of police chase

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -{ }A woman driving a car with a young child in the back seat tried to ram through a White House barricade Thursday afternoon before leading police on a chase that ended in gunfire outside the Capitol, witnesses and officials said.

The pursuit began just before 2:20 p.m. when the woman tried to ram a security barricade on the east side of the White House.{ }When that didn't work, she sped off to the Capitol, police say.

Olivia Huckaby was near the White House and thought the security was for a presidential motorcade.{ }

“Security just… they just came out of nowhere. They blocked off that street down there and they blocked off right here and they just told everybody to move from the White House,” she says.{ }

"I was in front of the capital when I heard the gun shots," said another witness, Ibrahim Bangura.

"It was like, 'boom, boom, boom, boom,'" added Peter Plocki.

There were plenty of witnesses around, and for some of them, their thoughts immediately turned to terrorism.

Fortunately, police have since stated that there is no indication that terrorism was involved.

Still, it was terrifying for many in the Capitol who were preoccupied with other things -- like John Zangas, who was taking part in a protest against the government shutdown:

"It was very scary. They ran us all up to the top of the steps, and they ran us back down. It was scary."

The shooting comes two weeks after a mentally disturbed employee terrorized the Navy Yard with a shotgun, leaving 13 people dead including the gunman. Huckaby says it’s a frightening time to be in D.C.{ }

“The Navy Yard shooting just happened and now it’s like what’s going on? It’s really scary. You can’t even walk down the street anymore.”