Capitol Hill robberies near Eastern Market bring increased police patrols

Police are stepping up patrols after a rash of robberies on Capitol Hill.

Twelve people have been attacked in the past month between 7th and 14th Streets NW.

Police say two to three men are jumping their victims at night and stealing cell phones, iPhones, iPods and other electronics.

In some cases, the victims in the robberies near Eastern Market were kicked, punched, and thrown to the ground.

Police say this is an unusual rash of robberies. In the previous 30 days there was only one robbery in the area.

In all 12 robberies the victim was walking alone Both men and women have been assaulted.

Police say most attacks occur between 8 p.m. and midnight. In half of the crimes, the robbers stole the person's iPhone or other smartphone.

With these robberies comes a stepped up police presence, both on patrol and undercover. Detectives believe the same group of suspects are preying upon residents.