Capitol Heights murder: Marckel Ross, Central High student, shot and killed

Marckel Norman Ross was slain in the shooting. Photo: Victim's family

A 18-year-old Central High School student with aspirations of working in the fashion industry was shot and killed Tuesday morning as he walked to school in Capitol Heights, Prince George's County Police say.

The victim, who has been identified as Central High School junior Marckel Norman Ross, was found suffering from a gunshot wound at about 6:50 a.m. in the 6100 block of Central Avenue, police say. Marckel was found in his school uniform with his bookbag with him.

Investigators are continuing to look for a suspect and establish a motive in the shooting.

Marckel, who was described by his father, Norman Thompson, as a happy, normal high school student, aspired to work in the fashion industry. He also ran track for Central High and loved to roller skate. He now struggles to understand how anyone could want to harm him.

"He was a kind person," Thompson said. "That's all. Very kind."

As word spread about Marckel's death spread around Central High School, students say many were in tears as a wave of grief washed over campus.

"He had a bright spirit; he not only was a strong student but he participated in our modeling team," Central High School principal Charoscar Coleman said. "He was very popular among the staff.

"This was a young man who deserved to live."

In a statement, Prince George's County Public Schools officials said that they are "saddened beyond measure" by the shooting death of the Central High 11th grader. Counselors are also being made available to students on campus.

"We extend our deepest sympathies to this young man's family and friends, along with our fervent hope that those responsible for his death will soon be brought to justice," officials said in the statement."

Police spent hours at the scene of the shooting searching for evidence, but the case is described as wide open. Authorities hope that someone in the community can help solve the mystery.