Capitol Heights kidnapping attempt a hoax, officials say

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (WJLA) - A 12-year-old boy who told authorities that a man tried to lure him into a van on Friday night admitted over the weekend that he made the incident up, authorities.

The original report of the attempted abduction put the neighborhood around Wilburn Drive in Capitol Heights on alert for the person accused of trying to abduct the preteen. However, in a follow-up interview, the victim recanted his report.

The victim originally said that a man approached him Friday on Wilburn Drive and offered him candy. When the boy tried to run away, the man grabbed his jacket. The boy the told authorities that he was able to run to Central High School on nearby Cabin Branch Road to contact them.

But Prince George's County Police said less than 48 hours later that none of the alleged attempted abduction activities actually happened.

Officers combed the area from house to house Saturday, looking for witnesses to a kidnapping attempt that never happened.

"We certainly understand that the report of an attempted abduction caused great concern in our community. We do not take this false report lightly," Prince George's County Police Capt. Meredith Bingley said in a statement. "The Prince George's County Police Department is committed to serving and protecting and we will continue to do so."