Capital Wheel to arrive by barge at National Harbor

(WJLA) - A new landmark is making its final approach to National Harbor. The Capital Wheel arrived by barge on Tuesday afternoon -- in pieces.

A total of approximately 400,000 pounds of metal tracked by air and sea made its way on a 50-hour crawl.

Crews worked six hours on and six hours off in order to help the materials make the trip, but after the long journey from Baltimore, how does it get from the Harbor to the platform?

According to workers, they will erect the steel on top of the pier, covering a footprint of 100-feet by 100-feet.{ }

It will be an amazing view from the ground, as you can picture crossing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and seeing this wheel 170 feet off the water and illuminated by millions of lights. It will have climate-controlled gondolas and panoramic views of the D.C. area.

Construction will cost $15 million. The Capital Wheel is set to debut in Mary.