Capital Bikeshare expands in Arlington

There's good news for those who travel throughout D.C. on two wheels instead of four.

More than 30 new Capital Bikeshare stations are rolling out in Arlington alone.

Chris Eatough, the program manager of Bike Arlington, said, "It's just a great, easy, convenient, fun way to get around."

Eatough pedal through town all the time, and he's thrilled the county will soon house 33 new Capital Bikeshare stations.

"Most of them are going into the Columbia Pike and Shirlington areas. We did a lot of public outreach, and that's what people were saying, that's where they wanted to see Bikeshare go next in Arlington," Eatough said.

A one-day membership with unlimited trips will cost you $7; an annual membership will run you $75.

"Anybody can come check out a bike at any time, 24 hours a day. Ride wherever you're going and then you dock the bike at your location," Eatough explained. "You don't have to bring the bike here, so it's a very much point-to-point transit system."

Expanding Capital Bikeshare is also helping local businesses boost sales. At Fresh Bikes in Arlington, more and more new customers are coming in.

Fresh Bikes salesman Bob Vibort said, "Whether you need equipment or actually getting more and more into biking and wanting your own bike certainly helps us get people through the door."

Vibort rides about seven miles to and from work daily and loves seeing more stations coming into view.

"The availability to run up to a rack and have a bike as you need is great," he added.{ }

There are 200 Capital Bikeshare stations in the Washington area.

Avid cyclists, like Bryan Stephens of Loudoun County, hope the travel trend continues.

"Anytime to just get on a bike, I think it's going to make you feel good," Stephens said. "Obviously, I'm a little partial to it."

The first Bikeshare station along the Columbia Pike corridor will be unveiled Thursday morning. A ribbon cutting will take place at 9 a.m. outside the Walter Reed Community Center on 16th Street.