Capital Area Food Bank tries to meet growing demand during holiday season

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - As the holiday season progresses, the activity at the local food banks in the D.C. metro area increases.

However, volunteers and officials like quickly point out that hunger isn't an issue that only arises around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At the Capital Area Food Bank, November and December are the busiest months of the year as they step up an effort to make sure the needed get a chance for turkey and trimmings.

One of their campaigns this season, dubbed "A Turkey for Every Table," aims to make sure that low-income elderly residents in Washington have enough to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Another top priority for area food banks is making sure that those in need get healthy, nutritious food. Beyond asking donors for healthier fare, banks are now fundraising to buy top produce to distribute.

The need keeps growing, though; since the recession, the Capital Area Food Bank has seen demand skyrocket, including from more families and individuals with jobs that need help putting food on the table this season.