Canceled flight can't keep Leyshon family apart

For many people, Christmas Day is about being with family, but one local woman almost missed out on spending the day with her children and grandchildren.

“I thought they were going to come in at five,” says Sue Leyshon, whose precious gifts weren’t there on Christmas.

After fog in the northwest cancelled their flight, her daughter, son-in-law and four kids were forced to drive down to Portland. They were supposed to be home with Leyshon on Christmas Eve.

A check of the boards and Leyshon hopes they have arrived. Losing hope, she waits. All this grandmother ever wanted was to see her precious grandchildren. They were a little late, but Santa delivered.

“I say thank God that they’re safe. I’m so happy to be with them again.”

It doesn’t have to be December 25th to celebrate Christmas.

“My son and his family came in from Memphis today, too.”

Leyshon will have her kids and grandchildren well after the New Year.

“It’s wonderful. I think second to Jesus coming to Earth, having a family who loves you and that you love is really the best thing to celebrate,” says Corrie Johnson.

If you think Santa brought the best gift ever, this family may disagree.