Can a dog like Buster find a home?

(Photo: Gail Huff)

Buster arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League in a wheelchair. He’s the first of his kind.

The Daschund beagle mix is paralyzed from the middle of his back to his hind legs, which do not function.

Seven months ago, he was hit by a car. But thankfully, a good Samaritan stopped.

“He was on the side of the road in West Virginia,” says Lisa Parker, a WARL volunteer. “They thought he was dead, picked him up and found out he was alive.”

They brought him to an emergency shelter. Then Buster spent seven months at McLean's Animal hospital. Wednesday, he arrived at the shelter and is ready to be adopted.

The paralysis means Buster doesn't have bladder control, so he must be expressed several times a day.

Can a dog like Buster find a family?