Camp Springs leak not being repaired

In late September, residents first noticed it along Henderson Way in Camp Springs.

It's a leak in a six-inch underground pipe across from St. Phillips church and school. The water runs along Henderson, turns the corner and flows all the way down Silver Valley Way.

That's another concern. People are concerned that the water will turn to ice when it becomes cold out. And residents are concerned that hundreds of gallons of water is being wasted.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, which just had an 8.5 percent rate hike in July, says they did check the leak out three weeks ago. But a church event prevented immediate repairs.

"It's a matter of priorities," spokesman I.J. Hudson said. "We go to major breaks first - people who've lost their water. If it's something that can wait a few days, we may hold off."

But hold off for how long?