Cameron Serafin, missing Fairfax County boy, found

A missing 5-year-old Fairfax County boy has been located in Las Vegas, authorities say.

Cameron Serafin was allegedly abducted by his mother, 32-year-old Rebecca Serafin. The pair was last seen in the baggage claim area at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on April 11.

Fairfax County police say a Las Vegas hotel guest recognized Rebecca and Cameron from a news report. Las Vegas police raced in, but the two were two steps ahead. Rebecca and Cameron had vanished again.

Linda Serafin, Cameron's grandmother said, " was a nightmare...I feel like I've been living in a nightmare."

For Linda, hope seemed dashed.

But Rebecca and Cameron, whose hair had been dyed brown, were captured on hotel surveillance tape. That tape led police to a second hotel Wednesday, where Rebecca was quickly arrested.

"I got that phone call maybe three or four hours ago. You feel total relief," said Cameron's father, Joseph Serafin. "...get me on the next flight."

Investigators say Cameron is safe. When he was located, little Cameron got the chance to talk to his dad for the first time since April 4.

"He told me hi...I'm playing video games...I love you, and I'll see you soon...," Jospeh laughed. "I told him I missed, I told him I love him and that I'm coming to see him."

Rebecca Serafin is being held as a fugitive from{ } justice and will be extradited to Va.

Cameron's father is making plans to travel to Las Vegas to be reunited with his son.

"I'm wasting no time to get him back," Joseph added.

And once he has Cameron back in his arms, Joseph says he'll never let him go. Father and son will return to Virginia Thursday.