Cameras will soon be catching speeding motorists on I-270

Speed cameras will be catching motorists on I-270 in Frederick County starting Aug. 22.

Get ready to smile when you’re on I-270 — you’ll soon be on camera.

Speed cameras will be operating later this month in an effort to improve work zone safety in Frederick County, Md. State Highway Administration stated in a release Wednesday.

The I-270 work zone at MD 80 (Fingerboard Road) and Bennett Creek will soon join the Maryland SafeZones program.

Work crews will be moving onto a temporary bridge in order to demolish the existing I-270 bridge deck.

The cameras were deployed on Monday. Citations will be issued beginning Tuesday, Aug. 23. The posted speed will be 55 miles per hour in the work zone. Drivers speeding 12 mph over the limit are subject to $40 fines.

For more information on the I-270 bridge project , visit SHA’s Projects and Studies.

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