Calvert County middle schooler suspended 10 days for mentioning gun

A Calvert County middle school student was suspended for 10 days late last year after talking about guns on a school bus in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, WMAL reports.

According to WMAL, the Owings sixth grader was discussing the Newtown, Conn. shooting with friends on the bus when the driver took him back to school to be questioned by the principal.

The boy's father told WMAL that his son didn't threaten anyone.

"He said, 'I wish I had a gun to protect everyone'," the man told WMAL. "He wanted to defeat the bad guys."

The father also says that a Calvert County Sheriff's deputy was brought in to question his son as well, and once he was finally contacted, he alleges the deputy wanted to search his home for guns.

These allegations surfaced just days after a 5-year-old student at Dowell Elementary School in Calvert County was suspended for 10 days for bringing an orange-tipped cap gun on a school bus. His suspension was later shortened.