California police officers charged with trying to smuggle drugs in Virginia

Three men, including current and former police officers from a central California town, were arrested last week near Tysons Corner on allegations that they tried to import and deal marijuana.

Officials with the DEA say that the three suspects were all caught as part of a joint undercover narcotics investigation undertaken by Alexandria Police, the DEA and the Alexandria Commonwealth Attorney's Office. Each of the men have been charged with conspiracy to import and distribute more than five pounds of marijuana.

The arrested include 34-year-old Frederick Michael Sayles of Selma, Calif. and Gabriel Hernandez Sepeda and David Ray Flowers, both 38 of Fresno. Sayles currently serves as a police officer in Selma, a town just south of Fresno, while Sepeda used to be a part of the force. All three were arrested at about 7:30 p.m. on April 12.

Authorities say that the men were in the process of moving more than 27 pounds of marijuana into Virginia from California. All three men are being held without bond at the Alexandria Adult Detention Center.

The investigation is ongoing, but authorities say that the estimated street value of the seized marijuana is $635,000.