Caleb Gordley: Parents no longer forgive shooter of teen

STERLING, Va. (WJLA) - From the beginning, it has been a heartbreaking story.

In March of 2013, 16-year-old Caleb Gordley was out drinking when by mistake, he sneaked into the wrong house two doors down – a house that looked similar to his own – and his neighbor shot and killed him.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Caleb’s parents said they forgave the neighbor:

"I just want you to know sir, I forgive you; I understand this was an accident," said his mother, Jennea Gordley.

"All the answers in the world are not going to bring him back," added his father, Shawn Gordley.

But now, months after getting the police report, the parents tell ABC’s 20/20 that they’ve had a change of heart:

"Not one percent forgiving," said Shawn. "I'll tell him right here and right now, I apologize for my son entering your house. I will take that. Beyond that, there is no forgiveness...Once I got the details, I was absolutely outraged."

The parents now see the incident as a murder as opposed to an accidental shooting -- because Caleb was shot in the back.

"He shot him in the back," explained his mother. "If you're really in fear for your life and your family's life, why would you allow a person that appeared to be dazed to you, walk right past you and then you shoot him in the back?"

No charges were ever filed against the homeowner, but the parents are now saying they want justice for their son who was a standout athlete and aspiring musician.

"If Caleb would have crossed that street right there and got hit by a car, I would have nobody to blame but Caleb," said his father. "I have somebody somebody else to blame for my son's death. I just do."