Caleb Crew arrested for murdering wife, Andrea Crew

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) -- Two days after 31-year-old Andrea Crew went missing, her best friend Evelyn Gil spoke with Crew’s husband, Caleb.

Gil says he was upset and crying, but after he said, “I can’t handle it,” Gil had a bad feeling.

“In that moment, I assumed in my heart that it had to be something he did to her.”

Gil says the Crews were married for more than five years, but things often seemed rocky for them.

"I feel worse because I told her not to be with him so many times because i told her this was not a healthy relationship," says Gil.

Andrea Crew was last seen on the morning of Wednesday, August 7, near a bank in Alexandria. Her friend, Evelyn Moran, told ABC7 over the weekend that she was watching the Crews’ two young daughters on that day while the parents went to court.

After Crew was reported missing on August 8, investigators had some troubling conversations with friends and neighbors.

"There was a thought that something could have been wrong, that some harm could have come to her," said one.

On Saturday morning, Andrea Crew’s body was found by a boater in the Occoquan River near Lorton. Later that day, Caleb Crew spoke with Fairfax County Police at the Mount Vernon Station – where he was arrested and charged with murder.

A month ago, Evelyn Moran says Andrea Crew appeared to be in trouble:

"She was like, help me, he took my phone, call police please," she says.

Tony Moran is Evelyn’s younger brother, and always thought Caleb was a good neighbor, husband and father.

“I was surprised because I didn't think he was capable of doing that, but you never know," he says.