Vi Ripken abduction: Cal Ripken Jr. offers $100,000 reward for information

Violet Ripken was abducted at gunpoint near Baltimore last July. Photo: Baltimore Police

BALTIMORE (AP/WJLA) - The family of Cal Ripken Jr. is offering a $100,000 reward to help find the person who kidnapped the former Orioles star's mother last year.

It’s been one year since Vi Ripken, was abducted since then, police have released a video of the kidnapper and broadcast his face far and wide. But months and months later, there is still no arrest. Tonight, the legendary baseball player says it’s time the mystery is solved.

"In our minds, this is important not only for us in our community, but for all communities," said Ripken.

The Hall of Fame infielder made the announcement Thursday at the Sports Legends Museum next to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, a little more than a year after 75-year-old Vi Ripken was taken at gunpoint from her own garage in Aberdeen and held captive for 24 hours.

Her kidnapper reportedly gagged her, put her in the back seat of her own car, and then drove around Maryland for nearly 24 hours. He also lit her cigarettes, bought gas with her credit card, and made a visit to Wal-Mart before driving back to Ripkine's street, parking the car, and leaving his victim before vanishing. She was returned unharmed.

"In the back of your mind it's always there," added Ripken. "So we're always thinking about it."

Ripken continued to say that with the help of the owners of the Baltimore Ravens and retailer Under Armour, he is offering the $100,000 reward in order to hopefully get some new leads and new information.

Aberdeen Police Chief Fred Budnick says the case has no new active leads, but Cal Ripken says he hopes the reward will help re-energize the case.

"We would like to get closure on this case and give all of us some peace of mind," said Ripken.

Former America's Most Wanted TV host John Walsh has offered his help, saying the case would be featured on the franchise's website.

Amongst the lowlifes that populate this country, $100 grand is a lot of money and if somebody knows who this dirtbag is, they'll drop a dime on him," said Walsh.

'You don't know if he'll do this again," said Ripken. "So you have a sense of responsibility to the next person. It might not be the first time he did it, it might not be the last, so you need to catch him."