Cable, internet outages remain for some

The power may be back on for thousands following the June 29 derecho, but some other utilities are still off for hundreds of people.

In many areas, the World Wide Web resembles a tangled web. Internet, phone and cable services have been slow to come around since the storm.

Paull Tarant of Silver Springs has spent the last eleven days without service.

" I live alone. I'm an old, curmudgeon bachelor. It makes you go crazy without no telephone, you can't talk to nobody, you can't do the internet business," Tarant exclaimed.

His service finally returned late Tuesday morning.

Since the storm, throughout the area, coffee shops have been packed with people in desperate search of a WiFi connection, especially those who work from home, like Peter Erickson.

The Arlington resident said, " I used my smart phone to conduct my business. and the interesting thing is I couldn't use my phone at home, so I had to get away from the house to get any sort of connectivity."

After entangled trees are removed from power lines, utility companies then move in to restore power, and it's only after that happens that cable, internet and phone providers can move in to do their work.

Verizon says its making progress, slowly. Still, hundreds of customers in the D.C. area remain without cable and internet. Comcast says only a few of its customers are still experiencing problems.