Byron Govan sentenced to 35 years for carjacking

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) -{ }One year ago, a woman running a simple errand became the victim of a terrifying crime. Now she's speaking out.

Molly Hauck pulled up to a Rockville bank when police say Byron Govan, who was hiding in the bushes, carjacked her. It was the beginning of a lengthy crime spree which ended miles away in Alexandria.

On Sept. 27, 2012, Hauck pulled up to the bank to use the ATM when she was suddenly carjacked.

“I said ‘take the money and leave the car’ and he said ‘I have a gun’ and he drove off,” she says. “I was scared to death. I didn’t want to confront him. I didn’t want him to use the gun.”

It was just the beginning of a nearly two-month-long crime spree.

Police say Govan rode around in Hauck’s Prius cashing checks and buying gift cards. Two days later, he robbed a Rite Aid in Annapolis. He’s also accused of robbing a Dunkin Donuts in Alexandria at gunpoint.

About a month later, police found Hauck’s car burned. That’s when prosecutors say Govan carjacked a couple in Rockville.

“He’s been a menace to our society,” says Ramon Korionoff of the Montgomery County State's Attorney's office. “From Anne Arundel County all the way to Alexandria, he’s been a regional crime wave.”

Finally,{ }Govan's crime spree began to unravel. His ex-girlfriend identified him from a wanted poster. A woman he had given his cell phone number to in a bar turned it over to police. A Montgomery County judge sentenced him to 35 years in jail.

“I’m glad he’s going to be in jail for 35 years. It might seem stiff, but there were four victims,” Hauck says.

Hauck, a psychologist, says Govan{ }also robbed her of her sense of security.

“I lock my car whenever I’m driving. When I leave places at night, I ask somebody to walk me to my car. I’m very cautious now,” she says.

Govan’s case in Alexandria is still in the court system, so he could face more time.