Businesses, residents differ over new parking restrictions in Ward 1

Business owners and residents are facing off over parking in Adams Morgan.

New restrictions in most of D.C.'s Ward 1 are about to go into effect.

The intention is to cut down on spaces for visitors and make parking easier for neighborhood residents.

Parking is at a premium in Adams Morgan and, if you don't live there, it's going to get even harder.

"One side of the street is going to be residential parking permit only," says Councilman Jim Graham (D).

A lot of cars that are parked there during the work week are from Maryland and Virginia. When the new restrictions go into effect one side of the street will be residential parking only, 24-7.

Monesha Lever says people from outside her community take up too many parking spots.

"That leaves us coming home after work with very little spaces, sometimes driving for 20-30 minutes looking for a spot," she says.

Business owners are not so thrilled.

"The situation in D.C. is already difficult to begin with," says Constantine Stavropoulos, who owns a diner. "And to take half of the street, just residential, is really going to hurt us a lot."

Proponents of the restrictions cite new parking garages. Still, some business owners fear easier parking for residents will cost them.

"Customers can't get to us and have a place to park, people that come from outside the neighborhood," says James Nixon, a business owner.

Every resident in the neighborhoods affected by the restrictions will get one visitor pass, for friends or workers.