Businesses close up shop in Maryland due to storm

FREDERICK, Md. (WJLA) - The snow started early and showed no signs of letting up. This late January storm moved in on Frederick at the tail end of morning rush hour, and by mid-day, there were at least four inches on the ground.

Edward Buchanan was let go from his job in Montgomery County early today so that he could get home safely.

"I think that people should get home because the weather is going to get a lot worse -- eight to ten inches isn't good," he said.

People got out ahead of the accumulation, moving snow in whatever way possible. Municipal crews plowed the Frederick Rail Station, while employees cleared sidewalks in front of their downtown businesses.

One shop owner decided it wasn’t worth staying open, and road crews were out, but drivers still found it hard to navigate slick roads.

At a coffee shop, Ken Cook said, "It's one of those days when people should stay off the road. It's just not really great conditions for people to be driving around in it"

Those out walking in this winter weather also found it miserable, keeping their heads down to keep the wind out.

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