Business leaders fear Metro Dulles project will be derailed by costs

Local business leaders say they need the train to Dulles, but they're worried the project will be derailed by ballooning costs.

And they say Phase Two of the Dulles Rail Project will be paid for on the backs of drivers and taxpayers.

According to original cost estimates, Phase Two of the project was supposed to be $2.5 billion. It's now projected to cost a billion dollars more.

Local jurisdications say millions of dollars could be saved with measures like putting an entrance above ground at the airport, having Metro pay more for a Dulles rail yard and seeking more help from the state and federal government.

The airport's board, along with local and federal leaders are still trying to hammer out a budget, but toll road users like Robert Whitfield say they deserve to have a stake in the process

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is also weighing in.

In a letter to the airport's authority he says current estimates aren't "fair to funding partners"

The board says it won't comment on the matter until a final budget is reached.