Bus crashes on I-95 in Prince William County

(Photo: ABC7)

(AP/ABC7) - A bus transporting civilian employees to Fort Belvoir on northbound Interstate-95 ran off the road early Wednesday morning, causing minor injuries to some passengers.

Police say the bus, owned by LW Transportation, crashed near Dumfries Road in Dumfries about 5:20 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities say the bus was headed north on I-95 when it ran off the right side of the road and went through a guardrail.

Virginia State Police officials say a car suddenly swerved to into the lane the bus was traveling in and stopped short in traffic, causing the bus driver to swerve to the right. The bus then struck the guardrail and came to rest in a shallow ditch.

Police say about seven passengers were on the bus. No significant injuries were reported and each of the passengers and the driver were evaluated on the scene.

Authorities say that no charges have been filed, but they have been unable to locate the car that allegedly caused the crash.

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