Burglars set fire to Capitol Heights convenience store

(WJLA) - Police say burglars hit a convenience store in Capitol Heights, then tried to cover their tracks by setting fire to it.

Abas Beseremo, the owner of the C-Dollar Plus convenience store, says he's had enough with all the crime in the area and after this he says he's considering moving out of the neighborhood for good.

Beseremo and his cousins boxed up what's left after a fire destroyed his store Sunday morning.

Prince George's County firefighters believe fires were set in multiple places in an attempt to cover up a break in at the store.

"It's crazy," Beseremo says. "What can I say? It's sad I've been working hard for three years for everything that's damaged in one hour or two hours. That's it."

Unfortunately, he says this isn't the first time he's been the victim of a crime. He says he's been robbed at gunpoint twice in the last three years since he's been at this location in the 4100 block of Southern Avenue.

The burglary-arson and resulting smoke affected businesses nearby, forcing managers at Johnny Boy's Carryout to to keep their doors locked a little longer.

While Beseremo is left picking up the pieces, he's hoping the fire didn't destroy what little evidence may have been left behind.

Prince George's County Police tell ABC7 they're still investigating whether anything was taken out of the register and the ATM after the break in. They say they're also trying to see if there are any usable images from the surveillance camera to help them solve the case.