Burglars hit Sherman Circle D.C. homes

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Emily Friedberg, a new mother to a three week old baby girl, woke up early Sunday morning to turn down the heat.

She say all the lights of her living room were on and that a window was wide open. The screen was missing.

She ran back upstairs to ask her husband. Was he responsible?

"He said ‘no,’ so then we both knew something had happened,” she says. “We were very scared they could still be in the house."

The brazen burglars were gone. They entered by prying open a locked living room window. They left with Friedberg's laptop, a diaper bag and her wallet.

Her newborn was thankfully okay.

"I am glad we didn't wake up frankly because who knows who these people are,” she says.

Sources tell ABC7 news there were up to four burglaries of the same type in the area around Sherman Circle, just blocks from Friedberg's house.

According to the police reports, in the other cases, the intruders also forced opened living room windows - even a front door - by prying it. The incidents occurred overnight while residents were sleeping.