Burglars hit 10 homes within hours in McLean

Police in Fairfax County are investigating a series of burglaries at 10{ } homes on one day.

Police say the burglaries happened Friday between 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Police say burglars forced entry into all the homes and took jewelry, cash and electronics.

"The burglars were targeting houses that were empty, because the folks had gone to work," explained Fairfax County Police Officer Bud Walker.

Police say the streets where the burglaries occurred were Strata Street, Sawyer Place, Barbee Street, Powhatan Street, Wise Street, Poole Lane, Dalmation Drive and Mulroy Street.

By the time Oleg Martens returned to his Poole Lane home, the thieves had made off with his electronics and jewelry.

"They stole a wedding ring as well, which she had taken off because we're expecting our second son...," Martens said.

In less than six hours, police say the suspects broke into nine other homes.

Walker added, "We're looking into the possibility that the series maybe connected to burglaries in the past."

Liezel Shero, who lives in the neighborhood, says extra precautions are a must now.

"I make sure the doors are locked and the storm door," the McLean resident said.

Police say they're looking for a man and a woman and are looking into the possibility that Friday's burglaries may be related to others in that area. Investigators plan to canvass the neighborhood for more information this week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.