Bull sharks found near Point Lookout in St. Mary's County

The shark was caught earlier this month off the coast of Point Lookout in St. Mary's County. (Photo: Buzz's Marina)

Watermen Richard Riche and Greg Dean needed a forklift to show off their catch.

The two bull sharks caught Tuesday off the coast of Point Lookout in St. Mary's County are more than eight feet long and more than 200 pounds with mouths full of teeth.

Riche and Dean have a huge fish trap called a pound net in the Potomac. They mostly catch bait for crabbers.

One bull shark had already drowned from being in the net. But the other sprang to life, creating a "gonna need a bigger boat" moment.

“I said maybe we bit off more than we could chew right this minute,” says Dean.

Their net was just offshore from the popular swimming beach at Point Lookout State Park.

“It’s close enough for a shark to swim in there and bite somebody,” Riche says.

State biologists point out that bull sharks turn up in the bay and its rivers every year. There has also never been a recorded shark attack in Maryland history.

Several Point Lookout swimmers were startled when they saw pictures of the sharks.

“I’m not too familiar with the Potomac or the Chesapeake, but that's pretty damn impressive,” says Tom Carmody. “I’m not going swimming today.”