Bulletproof white boards to be purchased by University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Each bulletproof white board costs $299. Photo: Hardwire LLC

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is spending $60,000 to buy white boards that can stop bullets, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The Princess Anne, Md. school says that the purchase is being made in the name of potential campus violence, which officails call a "reality."

Campus administrators tell the Sun that shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. served as a catalyst for them to take extra precautions.

These 18-by-20 inch white boards, which are produced by Maryland-based Hardwire, can be used as a sort of shield for students and teachers.

According to Hardwire's website, each bulletproof white board costs $299, meaning that the school is likely purchasing about 200 of the boards.