Pregnant cow captured in Fairfax County

Kristi Mann captured video of the bull. (screen grab via Andrew Ke's Facebook page)

An "aggressive, pregnant" cow was finally captured Saturday, several days after getting loose from a Fairfax farm.

The Scottish Highland cow initially escaped from its Winfield Road farm on Thursday, prompting several local residents to call authorities about several sightings of a bull. The purported bull turned out to be the missing cow, but several attempts to corral the animal failed.

At about 9:15 p.m. Saturday, the cow was found again in a wooded area near Union Mill Road. The animal quickly charged, scattering responding animal control officers. They were finally able to tranquilize the cow, which was not injured.

One veterinarian who was helping capture the cow suffered minor injures during the effort.

Officials say charges may be brought against the owners of the cow, who say that it wasn't the first time this specific cow got out.