Brush fire sweeps through part of Maryland City

A brush fire swept through more than 10 acres of Maryland City Wednesday but no one was hurt and no homes were evacuated.

Anne Arundel County fire got the first 911 call just before 1:30 p.m. The fire started at Bacontown Park say officials.

Dry winds were picked up flames and dropped them in the dry leaves of nearby Oxbow Natural Area.

Firefighters say it was like a roman candle for a short time. Now add the fire and Wednesday's temperatures in the 80's and it made fighting this fire feel like triple digits.

That’s a worry to Pauline James, who is confined to a wheelchair.

"I asked the firefighter when I came out here if I need to evacuate he said no, not yet,” James says.

Crews from Howard, Baltimore City and county, Talbot and Queen Anne counties raced to the fire, aiding Anne Arundel county crews who were stretched thin by five other fires in the county.

Officials say between five and 10 acres have been charred. They're now blasting the dry landscape with water trying to drown hotspots.