Brittany Norwood sentenced to life without parole

One of the most high profile murder cases in Bethesda came to a close Friday after a judge sentenced convicted killer Brittany Norwood to life without parole.

A jury in November convicted Norwood of first-degree murder for killing Jayna Murray, her co-worker at the Lululemon yoga store.

“It was absolutely the right sentence under Maryland law,” said David Murray, the father of Jayna Murray, after the sentencing.

Eight relatives and friends of Jayna Murray told a judge Friday how their lives have been affected by Murray's death last year.

“There are aspects of this death I cannot accept,” said Phyllis Murray, Jayna Murray’s mother. “Until I can get over the pain and suffering I know my daughter went through, my subconscious will not get over it.”

The murder shocked the area because of the brutality of the March 11 slaying and the twists and turns of the case. Norwood initially portrayed herself as a victim before police discovered holes in her story and arrested her.

Norwood’s lawyer had earlier said Norwood lost control and grabbed whatever weapons were within her reach. But he argued during the trial that the crime lacked the premeditation required for a first-degree murder conviction.

Norwood simply “lost it,” her attorney, Douglas Wood, said during the trial.

But the slaying devastated Jayna's Murray's family, who spoke out after the sentencing hearing.

“I hate the pain she (Jayna) went through. I hate the person who inflicted it,” said Hugh Murray, Jayna Murray’s brother.

SEE evidence in the Lululemon slaying.

During the six-day trial, prosecutors described the brutal attack that left Murray with more than 300 wounds. Norwood used a hammer, a knife, a wrench, a rope and a metal pole in the slaying.

“Grief is always with you,” Phyllis Murray said, adding, ”I know Jayna does not want us to shed a tear.”