Brittany Norwood seeks to bar statements in Lululemon murder case

Norwood is charged in connection with the murder of Lululemon employee Jayna Murray.

(ABC7, AP) A Montgomery County detective says the woman who claimed to have been attacked inside a yoga clothing shop was not arrested in her coworker's death until after she was caught on camera in police headquarters telling her brother that she did not want to disappoint him.

Detective James Drewry said Friday that that exchange helped convince police to arrest Brittany Norwood. She was charged in March with killing coworker Jayna Murray inside the Lululemon Athletic shop.

Her lawyers are asked a Montgomery County judge to suppress five statements she made to investigators after Murray's body was found. They say she should have been advised of her rights since Norwood had been identified as a possible suspect.

On Friday, a Judge agreed to allow all but a few minutes of Norwood's five interviews with police.

The judge ruled that statements about what she claimed happened were given voluntarily and when she was not in custody and therefore she did not need to be "mirandized."

The trial is set for Oct 24 .

Two detectives said Friday that Norwood was initially interviewed strictly as a victim.

The murder of Murray sent shockwaves throughout the nation because of the brutality of the slaying and the twists and turns the case took. When Norwood and Murray were discovered, Norwood told authorities she and the victim had been sexually assaulted by unknown assailants, police said.

Authorities later announced that Norwood concocted the story and was responsible for beating Murray to death.