Brian Keith Adams, Jr., arrested in connection with credit card scam

Brian Keith Adams, Jr.

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Authorities arrested a TGI Friday’s waiter in connection with a credit card scam that victimized two U.S. Secret Service staffers, among others. Accused in the scam is Brian Keith Adams, Jr.

According to charging documents, two secret service employees reported that their credit card information had been stolen. The thefts were tracked back to a TGI Friday’s at 14600 Baltimore Avenue in Laurel, Md.

The defendant had been a waiter who processed the transactions, charging documents state.

A waiter can use a pocket skimmer to steal all he needs to clone a customer’s credit card. According to prosecutors, Adams used that technique for at least four months when he waited tables at the Laurel restaurant.

The allegedly stolen credit card information was later used at a CVS.

Authorities discovered that 73 credit cards had been compromised for a total of $42,223 and were used at the TGI Friday’s from January 2010 to April 2010.

When questioned, the defendant was shown the charging documents and replied “That’s it,” before refusing to answer any questions, according to charging documents.

Announcing the indictment of Adams on 16 counts of identity theft, state's attorney Angela Alsobrooks says everyone needs to be vigilant.

“Regularly check your bank statements, your credit report and to be ever so careful in how you use the credit card,” she recommends.

The Laurel TGI Fridays fired Adams as soon as the scam was uncovered and cooperated fully, the store said. Nine million people fall victims to similar crimes nationwide each year.

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