Brendon Colliflower, Samantha Kelly killed in crash

There are flowers, and notes, baseballs and volleyballs. And there are tears. Lots of tears.

Samantha Kelly and Brendan Colliflower were on top of the world Saturday night. He was the best pitcher on the high school baseball team; she played volleyball and was the best tennis player at Williamsport High.

They went to the prom together at a hotel in Shephardstown, West Virginia. And then, as he drove to her house before midnight to get ready for after prom parties, they crashed on a hilly winding road near Downsville Pike.

Both 17-year-old seniors were pronounced dead on the scene. Police had said speed was a factor. On Monday, at Willamsport High School, flowers cover Sam and Brendan's assigned parking spaces. Students say a pall hangs over the school.

“Everything has changed,” says Tyler Bare. “Everybody went from being all happy to just being devastated, not knowing what was going on. They were friends with everybody so everything is completely different.”

Students, many in their baseball and volleyball uniforms, flock to the accident scene to share a thought, leave a tribute or just try to understand what their parents say they can’t begin to fathom.

“The yearbook is coming out how hard is it gonna be for kids and parents to look at that yearbook, graduation, their caps and gowns are coming,” says Debbie Kenney. “How hard is that gonna be.”