Brian Gaither pleads guilty in Latisha Frazier slaying

The man accused of killing a southeast D.C. teenager has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

Brian Gaither, 25, admitted in court Tuesday morning to killing 17-year-old Latisha Frazier, who disappeared in August of 2010. Her body has never been found.

A court refused to require the city to try to recover Frazier's remains, believed to be in a Richmond, Va landfill.

Gaither will be sentenced in February.

Frazier, the mother of a three-year-old daughter, was lured to an apartment on Trenton Place SE, authorities said, after one of the suspects, Johnnie Sweets, said he suspected Frazier of stealing $900 from him.

There are six suspects facing charges connected to Frazier’s slaying.

Police say the group beat Frazier in a bedroom inside the apartment. Gaither joined in on the attack, punching, kicking and stomping on Frazier until she lost consciousness. The group then bound her wrists and ankles and put her in a closet. Police say Gaither later choked her.

The group allegedly carried Frazier's body to a bathtub the next day where Gaither and the others tried to dismember it. Gaither allegedly put the woman's body in a plastic crate and threw it into a dumpster.

Family members said they expect gather to get at least 30 years.

"Justice has been served so I'm pretty good about that," says Caroline Frazier, Latisha’s mother.

Latisha Frazier had a daughter who is now 5-years-old.

"My granddaughter wishes she would have her mother,” says Barry Campbell, Frazier’s father. “But you know, right now, we’re satisfied with the justice what happened today."