Bradbury Heights elementary school badly damaged by earthquake

Some communities still feel the aftershocks from the East Coast earthquake.

Bradbury Heights elementary school was so badly damaged, it will be closed for the entire school year, forcing students to change schools.

The school in the Temple Hills area looks, feels and sounds like a construction site. The recent earthquake caused cracks in the walls.

Three days after the quake, school officials decided it wasn't safe for students to return until repairs were made. Until then, students were relocated to Shugart Middle School, a vacant school around 10 miles away.

“If they can make it work there... it's best to get this together and get them back here where they'd be more comfortable,” Bradbury's principal Denise Lynch said. The biggest challenge so far has been getting students to and from Shugart.

Students who walked to school now have to be shuttled back and forth between Bradbury and Shugart, and students who take the bus have been assigned a bus stop.

Donella Hart's daughter is one of 125 students who now has to take the shuttle bus from Bradbury. She says the buses are consistently late and unreliable.

“The whole week it rained...they should let us know a lot more than what they letting us know,” Hart said.