Boy Scouts: Should the Boy Scouts allow gay members?

The controversy is coming to a head as to whether the Boy Scouts should allow openly gay members.

Just hours before the decision is announced Thursday, there are strong opinions about whether the scouts should include gay members.

Lifelong Scout Steven Colella is watching the decision closely.

“I am hopeful that the resolution will pass,” he says.

Last year, Colella relinquished his Eagle Scout award. As a gay man, he felt he couldn't be a part of a group that would exclude him.

“It's unrealistic to expect change to happen all at once so I think that if today's proposal passes that will be a victory,” he says.

But scouting parent Matt Spalding has concerns about the impact a more inclusive policy will have on the 113-year-old organization.

“This is not what we want to see happen to the organization,” Spalding says. “We don't want this forced upon children. We don't want to see an institution like this force through this from the outside.”

The case of Ohio Scout leader Jennifer Tyrrell forced the Boy Scouts to where it is today. She was kicked out of her son's Cub Scout den, starting an online movement to change the Scouts policy about who can be members.

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