Boy, 3, killed in Waldorf by vehicle

Vehicles on the scene of the fatal crash. (Photo: Brad Bell)

It happened in a flash. The woman driving that small gray car stopped and got out to give a letter carrier some mail. She was unaware that her 3-year-old son unbuckled himself from his car seat in the back, climbed out and tried to cross the street too.

As he stepped into the road from behind his mom's car, he was struck immediately by a large SUV.

Toni Marshall saw the whole horrible incident.

“When he got out he (the driver) was yelling, ‘Mama is this your son? I just hit your son!’...,” Marshall said. “My prayers are with the family that's all I can say.”

The child was pronounced dead on the scene, in the 10500 block of Sugarberry Street. The distraught parents are being tended to by deputies and a medical crew. witnesses say the driver of the SUV is also terribly affected.

The investigation is ongoing but at this point no blame is being assigned.