Boy, 6, killed in fire in Adelphi (Video)

A boy died in a Lewisdale house fire this morning. (Photo: Prince George's County Fire Dept.)

The house, along the 2400 block of Griffen Street in Adelphi, sits dark and gutted.

It's the aftermath of an overnight fire that left a 6-year-boy dead, and his mother and another female relative in critical condition.

"There was a lot of flame coming", says neighbor Reyna Nejia. "At first it was blue smoke, then you heard just a boom- the windows broke, and fire out the windows."

Prince George's County firefighters received multiple 9-1-1 calls around 3:45 Sunday morning.

Witnesses say fire crews arrived within four minutes. They pulled the boy, a 31 year old woman, and a woman in her 60s outside the house. Medical teams began CPR .

A witness tells ABC7 News the boy's grandmother discovered flames in a front room, then ran outside to alert her daughter, her sister, and her grandson.

"I could see small flames, and one of the ladies came banging on the back window to wake them up" recalls Yesenia Cruz, a next door neighbor.

All three were transported, but authorities say the boy died at the hospital, likely from smoke inhalation.

The two women are in critical condition. Investigators hope to interview them at some point, to find out what happened.

The deceased was identified on Monday as Omari Noel.

"We have not been able to find a working smoke alarm," says fire chief Marc Bashoor.

"In this case, fire was here in the front of the home. All of the victims were in the rear of the home... was not fire damage," he added.

On Sunday, firefighters went door to door on the neighborhood, passing out free smoke alarms.

Investigators say a smoke detector might have made a difference.

"If people are more aware they need to have working fire alarms like that, the boy might still be alive", says Cruz.

Outside the gutted home, Christmas decorations have been set up. A small snowman cutout sits by a fence. Nearby is a child's book, it's pages browned and charred.

There's no official cause for the blaze, but neighbors suspect faulty wiring may have played a role. They say the house has been renovated a number of times.

But many are haunted by the notion that a piece of plastic and some batteries... a simple smoke alarm, might have saved a life.

"Especially the little boy- too young. It's very sad. Very sad.", says Nejia.