Bowie woman protests outside Freddie Mac, keeps house

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The on-going economic struggles many are facing were at the center of a protest outside Freddie Mac's McLean headquarters Tuesday.

At least 25 Occupy DC protesters gathered outside the office in support of Bernita Jones, a local resident of Bowie who was on the verge of losing her home of 14 years.

Jones has been struggling to stay in her home ever since she was laid off in 2009. She says she fell behind on her mortgage payments and worked out a loan modification deal with Bank of America.

"I gave them a lump sum down. Back end of mortgage," Jones said.

But four months after the deal was reached, the bank sent the lump sum money back and said her home would be foreclosed, she said.

"I paid them, never applied to the loan," she said.

Jones is one of thousands of Americans fighting foreclosure, but she said what made the difference for her were the Occupy DC protesters.

"We're here to make sure Freddie Mac keeps their promise," said Justin Rodriguez, Occupy DC protester.

"I feel so honored to have you guys standing here with me," Jones said.

Freddie Mac, which bought Jone's mortgage, said it worked out a deal with Bank of America. In a statement, a spokesperson said: "We are happy to report the foreclosure sale will be rescinded and she will be able to stay in her home."

Freddie Mac said Bank of America will fork over the money associated with the deal.

In the meantime, the protesters said this has galvanized them to help other local homeowners facing foreclosure.