Bowie Walmart Supercenter would be 60 percent larger than current store

The District of Columbia is not the only place in the region where a debate is breaking out over Walmart, but in Prince George's County, the argument is not about wages - it's about location.

The Gazette reports that Walmart would like to abandon its current store, which is located on Crain Highway just south of Route 50, in favor of a proposed Supercenter a bit further south.

Walmart's current location, a 117,000-square-foot store located next to the Collington Plaza Shopping Center, would be replaced by a store nearly 60 percent larger on a plot of land on Mill Brand Road.

Each of the current Walmart's employees would keep their job at the new proposed store, the Gazette says, while 80 new employees would also be added.

Officials tell the Gazette that the current location lacks many amenities that newer stores include, like a grocery section. Local residents believe that the sprawl, including Walmart, impinges on this part of Bowie's rural feel.