Boston Marathon bombings: Men run from Pentagon to Boston

Two men are running with a purpose and their journey began Tuesday at the Pentagon. They are running from Arlington to the Boston Marathon finish line, running for over 100 hours for people they don’t even know.

The trip consists of 17 back-to-back marathons to support the family of one victim of the Boston bombing and a bombing survivor.

“Our mission now is to hand-deliver checks to get the money to the Richard family and Jeff Bauman,” Matt Nelson says.

Nelson and Arlington resident Frank Fumich set out on the road Tuesday. While one runs, the other recovers. Fumich ran the first 26.2 miles, starting at 6 a.m. at the Pentagon.

“If it was a regular marathon I’d have my feet kicked up for the rest of the day and probably a couple of days, but I’ve just got to get ready to do it again in five hours,” Fumich says.

The race course stretches 450 miles. During a section in Howard County, their state trooper escort ran part of the way with them.

“Just to see them get away from their daily lives to give back to someone they did not know, not to charity but doing it themselves, it just says a lot,” says Trooper Byron Tribue of the Maryland State Police.

The team has raised $60,000. Volunteers help plan their route and also run portions of the route with them.

“As soon as I saw that photo flash up of Martin Richard in his Bruins outfit, it was an easy answer for me when Matt asked me to come along,” says Brad Lombardi.

The pair has completed dozens of marathons, but surprisingly neither has done Boston, but they will run the historic route Saturday morning as they finish the last leg of their charitable journey.

The pair is planning to cross the finish line on Boylston Street around noon Saturday. If you’d like to donate to their effort, click here.

Check out Fumich and Lombardi's running route.