Born on 11-11-11

Jamal Reid, born on 11.11.11. (Photo: Jennifer Donelan/WJLA)

Deborah Reid’s son has a birthday to remember: The boy was born today, 11/11/11.

Reid of Forestville delivered her third son Jamal by C-section. "Actually it was scheduled for today but I didn't realize it was 11/11/11,” she said with a laugh.

The numbers that matter more to her: "He was 7 pounds 12.9 ounces."

A big day not just for births but also for weddings. One national wedding website clocked 25,000 couples who picked today’s date to tie the knot.

The triple-11 sent lottery sales soaring. It even forced a shutdown of the Great Pyramids in Egypt following rumors worshippers planned to hold spiritual ceremonies on the site in honor of 11/11/11.

Reid isn’t superstitious about the date. She thinks it’s good in one respect.

"People will always remember his birth date," she said.

She'll have a good story to tell about his arrival on a once-in-a-century day.