Bohemian Caverns closed Saturday after alleged assault, report says

The alleged assault took place Saturday morning. Photo: © 2005 by Clarissa Peterson, used under a Creative Commons license.

For the second time in a week, a U Street night spot was the site of an alleged crime and was temporarily shut down for an investigation.{ }

The 96-hour shut-down notice at Bohemian Caverns is because of an alleged sex assault at a private party Sunday morning.

A 25-year-old woman told police she was tired and decided to lie on the bar in the upstairs Tap and Parlour. Chief Lanier wrote in her charging document the women then stated she fell asleep and was awakened by an unknown male sexually assaulting her. She was transported to the Washington Hospital Center for treatment.

“That’s very unfortunate that that happened to her and my prayers go out to her and her family,” says Nicole Easley of Silver Spring.

This is the first club Lanier’s ever closed because of a sexual assault, but it’s the second one she has temporarily closed on U Street this month. She sanctioned Endulj 96 hours after a December 3 argument inside led to three patrons being shot outside. None had life-threatening injuries.

Omarao Brown, the owner, says his managers violated policy by having people in after hours.

“We are obviously shocked and disappointed by the individuals’ actions and resulting alleged incident. We are frustrated and embarrassed by this incident.”

The ABC board will meet Wednesday and decide whether to extend the closure or allow it to end.