Body scans used to help fit men's clothing

UVA grad Colin Hunter never wanted to be in fashion, but he left his job in finance after he and his business partner--both Virginians--decided to make a run at changing how men shop.

It starts with Alton Lane's Dupont Circle showroom, which is complete with a bar.

“We found that just the symbol of a bar is something all guys can relate to and feel comfortable in,” Hunter says. “You come in 7 o'clock appointment and you want to watch Monday Night Football, most guys think if you have to do shopping, that's a way to do it.”

It has the feel of an elegant man cave, but what’s really unique to the business is the technology behind these doors, such as a body scanner.

It's a high-tech departure from how you've ever shopped before.

As it scans customers, it's using flashes of normal white light--like you'd find in an office--to generate thousands data points. It’s similar to how sonar detects objects at the bottom of the ocean.

When it’s done--on the screen--there is just about every possible measurement. This allows them make clothing that comes in size. At $89 and up, it’s in line with a designer label at a department store.

“So our tailors half way around the world can see the slope of your shoulders, your posture, the intricacies of your body that we couldn't see be able to capture just be writing it down,” Hunter says.